Why a Blog? Why now?

So, I finally decided to jump and start my own blog. Just like anyone who is anyone in the fitness field. I put it off for so long for sheer sake of being different. These days the way to “make it” as a fitness professional is to write. Blogs, articles, books, manuals, etc. It seems as though I should have double majored in English along with Kinesiology at this point. All too often, and the same could be said for training, nutrition etc., we look at what the “big dogs” do and attempt to emulate them, not realizing that we’re skipping vastly important steps.

My feeling is that if one is planning to spread his/her word, it better be worth something to someone else besides oneself. The only way to do this is through practice. Time must be spent perfecting ones craft. Now, don’t get me wrong, people develop at vastly different rates within their relative field but, c’mon people. “But writing is pretty much passive income”, you say? Well, I say if you’ve only trained 50 people in your lifetime you have no business making passive anything. Get your ass off the computer and work (I’m simultaneously punching myself in the head because I had 4 cancelations today).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think everyone should write in some capacity. I myself have post its, loose leaf, word documents, notepad docs etc. filled with little tid bits of information, analogies and ideas I thought pertinent throughout the day. Writing is one of the most powerful forms of study as well as a lost art among our generation. The problem is when we, as the author, decide to unleash our thoughts on the unsuspecting public for all the wrong reasons. Just like coaching, if you are writing primarily to make a quick buck, you are probably not the best writer, or coach that you can be and you’re definitely in the wrong profession. Furthermore, hardly anyone has an original thought these days. Most information is just being regurgitated to a different audience, which in itself is not terrible but can we do better? 

I can rant for days but I know other people have done the same. There will be other dead horses to beat in the future. Don’t you worry. Moving on…

Over the past few years I have immersed myself in everything training, nutrition and health, be it physical or mental. I have taken in so much information, molded it and spread it to each and every one of my clients over the years (and often times an unsuspecting bi-stander or random person at a party). I have new thoughts, and new ways to think about old thoughts about training, and life and recently it is becoming too much to keep in. All I want to do is organize my thoughts and perhaps someday my thoughts might help someone else as they have helped me. Recently, I figured out that I have trained over 1100 sessions so far this year. That was 1100 opportunities to change someones life.

So why a blog? why now?

1100 just isn’t enough.


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