12/1/13: Event Day

BW: 201# (coming down from 207# after Thanksgiving)

A1) Trap Bar Dead w/ chains(speed)

     -8×3@320#+ 6 chains

A2)circus DB 1 clean and press

     -8x3e/ @75# 

B1) KB Chest Supported Row

     -4×6@orange kbs (28 kilos i think?)

B2) stone shouldering

     -3x35s @175#


C1) Low yoke pick and hold(5s)


C2) facepulls

     -4×15@monster mini

D) Duck Walk

     -3x35s@ black kb (50k?) w/ partner rest

     -5 trips e/



-Gotta squat the trap bar a bit more. Tweeked my back on the 6th set (extended too far at the top)

-DB was too easy (competition weight is 80#)

-stone felt like shit having not worked with them in a few weeks. Crazy slippery. Back was bothering me a bit.

-yoke was easy. gotta breath.

-went too light on the duck walks, no time.



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