1/5/14: Event day (13 weeks out)

The countdown to the Hudson Valley Lift For Autism has begun. 12 solid weeks of training left.

BW: 196


A1) Low handle trap bar deads

     -4×4 (390/410×2/390/390)

A2) pullups


B1) log clean (e/ rep) and press 

     -4×4 (160/180×3/160/160)

C1) Stone over bar

     -3×4 (210)

D1) husafell/duck walk work

     -few trips down and back



-felt good today overall

-gripped trap bar wrong on the second set so it tipped forward. tried to push through but it killed me

-log was easy but lost my air during the clean on the last rep of second set so couldn’t get the press

-brought feet in closer and wrapped higher on stones, felt great

-have to get the sharp edges on the husafell taken care of


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