2/9/14: Event Day

9 weeks out from the Hudson Valley Lift for Autism. New training cycle begins!

BW: 198#


A1)axle clean and press (one motion clean and press)

     -6×2@180 (competition weight)

A2)log clean and press



B1)circus db c&p practice

     5×3@105 (1clean)


C1)stone over 52″ bar

     -2x45s @ 205 (5/5)


D1) husafell carry (speed)

     -2x100ft (4 turns)


E1)yoke (speed)

     -2x40yrds(1turn) @ 480

E2)duck walk

     -2×40 yrds (1turn) @ 160

E3)sup band pull aparts




-felt pretty good today overall

-coming forward on dips on all presses

-have to pick jerk or push press

-i must have a neuroma in my right foot. Bothering me during yoke






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