2/20/14: Lower


A)Trap Bar Dead

     -5×1 @ 450/470/490(miss)/470/450/450

     -1xAMRAP @ 80% (365×11 w/ straps)


B) Dead stop stiff leg sumo deads w/ straps

     -3×5 @ 275(tough)/245/245


C1) Back Extension

     -3×8@100# (slowed the last one down)

C2) Rolling thunder suitcase hold

     -3×20-30s @ 75-100#



-developed a cold and fever last night. Wasn’t planning on training but did anyway.

-Slow down accessory work!


2/18/14: Upper

BW: 199 (found out Novice LW is 231 and under today. time to put some more weight on)

A) Strict Press

-6×3 @ 145/155/160/145/150/150#

B) 3 board pres (competition pause)

-3×5 @ 245(4)/235/235#

C1) chins


C2) floor db triceps

-3×12 @ 30#

D1) kb row (fast)

-3×15 @ orange

D2) zottman curls

-3×10-12 @ 25-30#

D3) defranco pull apart

-3×12 @ mini


-felt like shit today

2/16/14: Event day

BW: 199

A1) axle clean and press (no continental)
-4×1@(200/210/210/210) (pr)
A2) log clean and press
-4×1@(190/210/210 miss/180)(pr)

B1) db clean and press (heavy)
-3×3@(85/115/115) (pr)

C1) stone over chin ht bar (3rd hole up)

D1) stone carry (2 trips d&b)
D2) heavy kb swings

E2) pull-up
E3) band pull apart

-figured the red db out
-stones much better shirtless
-felt great today

2/13/14: Lower


A) Trap bar dead
-3×3@ 440/430/430
-1xamrap@80% (350×13)

B1) dead stop Stiff leg sumo dead

C1) back extension
C2) rolling thunder suitcase hold

D1) seated hip abduction
D2) long lever plank

2/11/14: Upper

BW: 197

A) strict press

B) 3 board press (comp pause)

C1) chin
C2) floor db triceps ext

D1)dead stop kb row
D2)zottmann curl w/ gripforce
D3)defranco pull apart

2/9/14: Event Day

9 weeks out from the Hudson Valley Lift for Autism. New training cycle begins!

BW: 198#


A1)axle clean and press (one motion clean and press)

     -6×2@180 (competition weight)

A2)log clean and press



B1)circus db c&p practice

     5×3@105 (1clean)


C1)stone over 52″ bar

     -2x45s @ 205 (5/5)


D1) husafell carry (speed)

     -2x100ft (4 turns)


E1)yoke (speed)

     -2x40yrds(1turn) @ 480

E2)duck walk

     -2×40 yrds (1turn) @ 160

E3)sup band pull aparts




-felt pretty good today overall

-coming forward on dips on all presses

-have to pick jerk or push press

-i must have a neuroma in my right foot. Bothering me during yoke






1/19/14: Event Day

BW: 198# (been eating like hell)

A) DE box squat vs chains
6×3@225+4 chains (80#)

B) Axle C&P (clean e/)

C) Stone over 58″bar
-3×5@205 (technique)

D) Yoke
D2) wide pull-ups

-was supposed to be a deload day
-wraps too tight on last set axle
-one notch higher on stones, worked on extension